Section 5: Round 2 Archives

This section contains archived e-training modules from Round 2 of the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs). It is intended to provide background and historical information about the reviews and review process. The first module, CFSR Background, provides general background information on the philosophical context and structure of the CFSRs. It also includes an overview of the onsite review team's composition.

The second module, The Review Week, provides a detailed look at the events that take place during the week of an onsite review, beginning with the arrival on site of the review team and the Monday morning team meeting, and ending with the Friday statewide exit conference. 

The third module, Data Integrity and Quality Assurance, provides an in-depth overview of the seven-step quality assurance (QA) process used during an onsite review to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data collected by the review team. 

The fourth and fifth modules concern the Onsite Review Instrument and the Stakeholder Interview Guide, the two instruments used to collect data during an onsite CFSR.

Finally, the last module, The Automated Application, is an online version of the handbook developed for the CFSR Data Management Application, the automated version of the review instruments developed to streamline the review process.