Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Reviews

The Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Reviews are a collaborative effort between the Federal and State governments conducted by review teams comprised of staff from both. Conducted on site, typically in the State capital where the child welfare central office is located, these regulatory reviews of the foster care program focus on whether a child meets title IV-E eligibility requirements for foster care maintenance payments (which help cover a child’s food, clothing, shelter, daily supervision, school supplies, etc., while in foster care).

The goals of the reviews are to:

  • Determine whether Federal funds are spent on behalf of eligible children, in eligible placements, and in accordance with Federal statute, regulation, and policy
  • Provide timely and specific feedback to States that can directly affect the proper and efficient administration and implementation of their title IV-E foster care maintenance payments programs

The IV-E Reviews use multiple sources to assess State performance, including case records of the child, payment documentation, and the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS). They also use court orders to determine if the Child Protective Services (CPS) agency:

  • Removed the child from the home only when necessary
  • Provided reasonable efforts to preserve the family, if appropriate, and to achieve permanency for the child
  • Completed a criminal background check on the foster parent
  • Confirmed that the child met the income test for the program