Title IV-B: Child and Family Services

Both titles IV-B and IV-E of the Social Security Act (SSA) provide major components of what we know as child welfare. Title IV-B addresses the provision of child welfare services that can be used for prevention of and response to child abuse and neglect. It does so by funding services and programs which:

  • Protect and promote the welfare of all children
  • Prevent the neglect, abuse, or exploitation of children
  • Support at-risk families through services which allow children, where appropriate, to remain with their families or return to their families in a timely manner
  • Promote the national goals of safety, permanence and well-being of children in foster care and adoptive families
  • Provide training, professional development and support to ensure a well-qualified workforce
  • Promote and support adoption

Additionally, the legislation sets aside other funds for evaluation, research, training and technical assistance projects, and court improvement programs. Recent legislation, the Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act (P.L.112-34), enacted September 30, 2011, reauthorized or amended programs funded under title IV-B and added provisions that address the impact of emotional trauma from child maltreatment.

Legislative Links

Below are the pertinent sections of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the permanent source of Federal regulations, which is updated annually. The list also includes links to the actual legislation of title IV of the SSA.

  • Title IV, Grants to States for Aid and Services to Needy Families with Children and for Child-Welfare Services 
    Title IV of the Social Security Act contains the sections of the law pertaining to titles IV-B and IV-E. It is available online here.
  • 45 CFR Part 1357, Requirements Applicable to Title IV-B 45 CFR Part 1357 
    This part applies to State and Indian Tribal programs for child welfare services under subpart 1, and family preservation and family support services under subpart 2 of title IV-B, including CFSPs and APSRs. It is available online at: link and link.

Additional Information

For more information about title IV-B programs and policies, visit the following Web sites: