Unresolved Comment Navigator

The Unresolved Comment Navigator displays unresolved stickies that have been placed within a case record by a site leader during the Quality Assurance process. It displays at the bottom of the screen, alongside the Unanswered Questions Navigator. It can be turned off and on by selecting Show Comment Navigator from the OSRI Menu. Orange highlighting around the menu's icon means that the Unresolved Comment Navigator is active.

To use the Unresolved Comment Navigator, click the down arrow on the right side of the bar to open a list of all item questions and rating documentation that currently have an unresolved sticky. Scroll through the list and click on the sticky you wish to view, and the application will jump to it. You can then respond to the sticky normally.

Note that the Unresolved Comment Navigator works best if the case you are working on is open. If the case is open, the stickies that display in the bar will only be for that case. If you open the Unresolved Comment Navigator on the Overview Screen,  it will list all unresolved comments for all the cases on your tablet.

Also note that the Unresolved Comment Navigator does not track or identify the comments that you have viewed. They remain on the list until your site leader has resolved them, which only happens after the case is transferred back to his or her tablet. For this reason, you should work through the stickies added to the comment bar methodically, in a sensible order (top to bottom or bottom to top) so that you do not lose track of where you are.