Adding Stickies in the Screen View

There may be situations where you need to view a record’s individual item screens as a reviewer sees them. In these cases, the Screen View should be used.

To access Screen View, select Edit Cases from the OSRI Menu. This will open the Edit Cases Screen. Use the Review Team drop-down menu to select the correct reviewer, then the Selected Record drop-down menu to select the case.

The case will open automatically to its Face Sheet. The layout and navigational functions are the same as for reviewers, although the Save Bar no longer features any save buttons. Instead, it displays the Rating Documentation button, the item’s Calculated Rating, the Override button, and the Next Item button.

Use the normal navigational controls to move through an OSRI record in the Screen View. To add a sticky to rating documentation or item questions, click the Add button, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the question’s Identification Area. The Conversation Form Window will open. Adding comments here works the same way as in the Report View.

When you close this window, the Add button will be replaced by the View button, which indicates that comments have been started. Clicking View will reopen the Conversation Form Window.

Note that while the Screen View does allow site leaders to view a case as reviewers see it, the case is locked for editing. It is possible, however, to use the Unlock a Case function to make emergency edits to case information.