Resolving Stickies

Once the review pair has addressed the issues raised in the stickies that a site leader added to an OSRI, the site leader must transfer the case back to his or her tablet and determine whether or not the stickies were adequately addressed. To do this, open the case in its Report View by using the QA button in the Action Column of the Overview Screen. Existing stickies will appear with orange highlighting. Click the View button to reopen the Conversation Form Window. A message from the review pair will display below your comment indicating that they addressed the issue raised by your sticky. You must decide if their response is adequate or if the question still requires more input.

If the response is adequate, check the small box labeled Resolved at the bottom of the Conversation Form Window. A notification that the conversation has been resolved will appear and the sticky’s orange highlighting will display with a different hue. Also, the View button will be replaced by a Re-Open/View button.

If additional input is required, add a new comment for the reviewer by clicking the Add New Message button to bring up the Add/Edit Comment Window. Type your comment in the text box and click the Save button when you are finished adding your new comment. Click the Close button to close the Conversation Form Window. You must now transfer the case to the review pair so that they can view the sticky and make the necessary corrections.

After all of the stickies are resolved, the case will be ready to move on to either Second-Level QA or Local Site Finalization.