Responding to Stickies

Each sticky added to an OSRI case by a site leader must be read and responded to by the review pair. The response will most likely involve edits to question answers, but must also include a written comment back to the site leader. These comments serve as an indication to the site leader that the sticky was properly addressed.

To open a sticky, click the View button located above the question. The Conversation Form Window will open. The name of the commenting site leader will display beside his or her comment, which will be highlighted in yellow. Read the comment, then click the Close button and make any necessary changes to the question. When you are finished with your edits, reopen the sticky and use the following steps to post a response to the site leader's comment:

1) Click the Add New Message button to open the Add/Edit Message Window

2) The Add/Edit Message Window will open. Type your comment in the text field. When you are finished, click the Save button to close the window.

3) The Conversation Form Window will now display your response below the Local Site Leader’s comment. Your name will display beside it, and an Edit and Delete button will appear on the right-hand side. Clicking the Edit button will reopen the Add/Edit Message Window, where you can edit your answer. If you click Delete, a confirmation window will open asking you to verify your selection. If you click OK at this window, your comment will be permanently deleted from the Conversation Form Window.

4) Click Close to exit the Conversation Form Window.

Use the Unresolved Comment Navigator to continue working through each sticky added by the Local Site Leader. When you are finished, return to the Overview Screen and change that case’s QA Status back to Ready for QA Review to indicate that it is once again ready for download. The site leader will transfer the case to his or her tablet and read through your comments and edits.