Adding Stickies

After a Local Site Leader transfers an OSRI record from a review pair's tablet, he or she will be able to open it for QA review by using the QA button in the Action Column of the Record Summary Grid. The case will open as a Completed Case Report, which will allow the site leader to scroll through the entire instrument in one window from start to finish. From this report, the site leader can add stickies as necessary to any single question. Each sticky will then be accessible by the review pair when the case is transferred back to their tablet.

To add a sticky to rating documentation or item questions, use the following steps:

1) Click the Add link, which is located beside the question identification.

2) The Conversation Form Window will open. The case name and the question to which you are commenting display at the top. Click the Add New Message button to add your sticky

3) The Add/Edit Message Window will open. Type your comment in the text field. When you are finished, click the Save button to close the window.

4) The Conversation Form Window will now display your comment below the question. As the first comment in the conversation, it will be highlighted in yellow. Your name will display beside it, and an Edit and Delete button will appear on the right-hand side. Clicking the Edit button will reopen the Add/Edit Message Window, where you can edit your answer. If you click Delete, a confirmation window will open asking you to verify your selection. If you click OK at this window, your comment will be permanently deleted from the Conversation Form Window.

5) Click Close to exit the Conversation Form Window.

Note that the presence of stickies will be noted on the Completed Case Report by the use of orange highlighting. Clicking on the View/Add link will reopen the Conversation Form Window and allow further editing or deletion of the sticky. Note, however, that once a sticky has been responded to by reviewers, it can no longer be deleted. It can only be resolved.

There is no limit to how many stickies each OSRI record can hold. There is also no limit to how many times stickies can be sent back and forth between site leaders and reviewers. However, if it becomes obvious that a case is overloaded with stickies, or if one particular sticky appears to keep getting passed back and forth without resolution, site leaders are probably well-advised to seek out a face-to-face conference with the review pair, rather than continue an unproductive exchange.

Note also that there may be times when you want to review a case as the review pair sees it, using the Screen View instead of the Case Summary report. One reason why this may be true is if you want to review the instrument's instructions for a particular question and you do not have a copy of the paper instrument handy. Since the instructions are not included in the Case Summary Report, you would need to open the case in a screen view.  For information on how to do this, see Module Adding Stickies in the Screen View.