"Stickies" are electronic notes, or comments, that can be attached by a site leader to an item's question in an OSRI record. They are intended to draw attention to places where corrections, revisions, or additional input might be required by the review pair, and are an integral part of both First-Level and Second-Level QA.

To add stickies, the site leader must first transfer the OSRI record to his or her tablet. At this point, the record becomes active on the site leader's tablet, and locked on the review pair's tablet. While it is locked, the review pair cannot edit the record in any way. They can, however, read it and access reports on it. The site leader should conduct QA as quickly as possible, add any stickies that are necessary, and then transfer the case back to the reviewer pair's tablet. The review pair will then use the Unresolved Comment Navigator to locate the stickies and respond to it as appropriate.

When the case is again transferred to the site leader's tablet, the site leader can resolve the sticky (if the issue has been adequately addressed) or add to the comment and return the case for further clarification by the review pair. This process can continue until the issue is resolved, although it is likely that site leaders will ultimately choose to discuss persistent issues face-to-face rather than continue to exchange sticky notes back and forth with a review pair.