QA Tools

The Quality Assurance (QA) process is an integral part of the onsite review. Review pairs must conduct an initial QA on all cases that they complete. This initial QA, referred to as Preliminary QA, helps ensure that basic, easily corrected errors (such as missing information) are caught and corrected before they take up time in the later stages of the QA process. During later stages of QA, such as First-Level and Second-Level QA, site leaders become involved in the process and work with review pairs to correct any errors or omissions in case records. 

There are a number of QA tools built into the application that are designed to streamline the QA process for both review pairs and site leaders. While many of these tools involve advanced QA functions used in First- and Second-Level QA, such as data transfers and stickies, there are also numerous resources that review pairs and site leaders can use to assist in reviewing the instrument, especially during a Preliminary QA. Two of these resources, the Completeness column and the Unanswered Questions Navigator, are essential for review pairs in determining that an OSRI record is complete and ready for QA.

Another important resource are the application's many built-in reports. Especially useful for Preliminary QA are the Completed Case Report, the Preliminary Case Summary Report, and the Case QA Rating Summary Report.

During First- and Second-Level QA, the Unresolved Comment Navigator is a critical tool for review pairs to locate and respond to the stickies that site leaders add to a case record.