System Security

To ensure the confidentiality of sensitive case information, each tablet PC has three levels of security built into it. You must successfully pass each level in order to access the Application. The levels of security are: Encryption Login, Windows Login, and the USB Key.

Encryption Login

The Encryption Login screen is the first screen that will load after you turn on the tablet PC. It is green in color. At the prompt, you must first hit the Enter key, then type the encryption password. You will be provided this password onsite; it will not be the same as the password used at your training.

Note that you must hit Enter before you type the password. If you try to type the password before hitting the Enter key, your login attempt will fail. After three failed attempts, the tablet PC will lock. At this point, you will need to turn off the tablet PC, wait for it to power down, and then turn it on again to re-try the encryption login.

Also note that, once you have logged onto Windows (see below), a pop-up window will report on any failed attempts to login at the encryption screen.

Windows Login

The second level of security built into each tablet PC is the Windows login screen. You will see two login options here: "Administrator" and "CFSR Reviewer." Always click the second option, "CFSR Reviewer," regardless of your actual role on site. The "Administrator" option is only for system administrators who provide technical support.

After you click CFSR Reviewer, a textbox will open. Type the Windows login password you were provided onsite. Note that this password, like the Encryption password, will be different from what you used during your training.

Once you have logged in at this screen, the Windows desktop will display.


The final level of security built into each tablet PC is a USB key that you will be provided on site. This USB must be plugged into one of the tablet PC's two USB ports in order for the Application to launch.  Once your desktop has displayed, plug in the USB key and wait for the computer to recognize it. This may take up to a minute. If a window opens displaying the contents of the USB key, you may close it. You do not need to access any of the files on the USB key.

Once the USB key has been inserted and recognized, you are ready to launch the Application.