Summary of Findings Form

The Summary of Findings Form provides a summary of the findings for the entire review. The information it contains must be manually entered by one of the Site Leaders. It is important that only one Site Leader from any given review site work on the Summary of Findings Form, because only one copy of the form can be uploaded to the central server from each of the review sites. The Site Leader responsible for completing it may begin the Summary of Findings Form as early as Tuesday of the review week. Once this information has been manually entered, the available sub-selections for the Summary of Findings Form include View Local Site Report, View State Level Report, and View Combined State and Local Site Report.

To enter data onto the Summary of Findings Form, select Summary of Findings Form from the Reports Menu. Then select the Data Entry option. A split screen display will open. A site-wide Case QA Rating Summary Report will appear on top. The bottom portion of the screen is the data entry area. The screen is divided by a blue line; you can drag it up or down to increase the viewing area on either side.

Use the drop-down menu to select the performance item you need. You can also use the Previous Item and Next Item buttons to move backward and forward through each performance item. Once you have selected the correct performance item, you must enter your data into the Basis textbox. Any data that you have already typed and saved will appear here; you can edit this information, delete it, or add to it as necessary. You can also add text to the Basis textbox by using the copy-and-paste function that reviewers use in the Nightly Debriefing Report.

When you have finished entering data, click the Save button to save your text to the system. A pop-up window will briefly display to notify you that the Basis was saved.

You can open any other report to assist you in completing the Summary of Findings Form. Open another report by selecting it from the Reports Menu. That report will appear in the top portion of the screen in place of the Case QA Rating Summary Report.

Click the Close button to exit the Summary of Findings Data Entry Form. The bottom portion of the screen will close, leaving only the report that was open on top. Click the Overview button to return to the Overview Screen. Once you have completed data entry for the Summary of Findings Form, it should be uploaded along with your site’s completed cases to the central server.

The completed Summary of Findings Form should be uploaded to the central server after the conclusion of the Local Site Exit Conference. To upload the Summary of Findings Form, click and hold its record icon in the purple area at the bottom of the Central Server Data Transfer Screen. The record icon’s header will turn yellow to indicate that it has been selected. Drag the record icon up to the purple area of the site’s central server folder. The area will turn yellow; release the Summary of Findings Form there. A Status Update window will open to show the upload’s progress.