Trend and Issue Tracker Form

The Trend and Issue Tracker is not accessible by reviewers. Site Leaders can use it to make notes on trends and issues in the review. These notes are grouped by performance item and are automatically pulled into the exit conference PowerPoint as presenter notes. Unlike the Summary of Findings Form, though, the Trend and Issue Tracker is not an official form to be submitted to anyone else.

When you select Trend and Issue Tracker from the Reports Menu, the data entry area will open at the bottom of the screen. This area features a drop-down menu from which you can choose any one of the OSRI’s items, a Summary box for typing notes, a Save button, and a Close button. The blue line dividing the data entry area from the top of the screen can be dragged up or down to resize the space in which you can work.

To use the Trend and Issue Tracker, first select from the drop-down menu the item for which you are adding a note. Then, type your note in the Summary box. Click the Save button to save your note to the Trend and Issue Tracker Form. A pop-up window will appear to notify you that your Item Summary was saved. Click OK to close the window. If you now select another performance item from the drop-down menu, you can then return to this first item and your note will still appear in the Summary box.

Note that you can also open any report in the top part of the screen. Open reports by selecting them from the Reports Menu. The same process used by reviewers to copy and paste text in Nightly Debriefing Reports will work here, too.

To exit data entry for the Trend and Issue Tracker Form, click the Close button. Note that this will close the data entry with no warning message. Any unsaved information that you have entered will be lost unless you first click the Save button.