There are two options listed under the Rankings item on the Reports Menu: Outcomes and Outcomes Sorted by Substantially Achieved.


The Outcomes selection provides the outcome ratings and item rankings for the entire State’s review, ranked in order from highest to lowest. It lists them for the State as a whole first, then breaks out each review site individually.

Each outcome is listed in relative order of highest ranking to lowest. The items are included under each outcome, also ranked from highest to lowest. Outcome ratings are given a numerical value in which 1 equals Substantially Achieved, 2 equals Partially Achieved, and 3 equals Not Achieved. Item rankings are given a numerical value in which 1 equals Strength and 2 equals Area Needing Improvement. Only applicable cases are included. Each outcome and item’s ranking is determined by averaging its total numerical value.

Note that only Applicable cases are included for each ranking.

Outcomes Sorted by Substantially Achieved

This option displays a chart that shows the total number of cases—total, foster care, and in-home services—that had a Substantially Achieved rating for each of the seven outcomes. For each area, it lists the total number of Applicable cases, the total number that were rated as Substantially Achieved, and the percentage that were rated as Substantially Achieved. It lists numbers for the entire State review first, then breaks down the numbers by each review site.