Nightly Debriefing Report

The Nightly Debriefing Report provides a summary presentation, called a "Basis for Rating," of each case's outcome ratings. This statement must be entered manually by the review pair and often serves as the foundation for the review pair's presentation at that night's nightly debriefing. Once this summary information has been entered, the available sub-selections for completed Nightly Debriefing Reports include Current Case, All My Cases, All Cases for Site, and All Cases for Review.

To enter a Basis for Rating, you must open the Nightly Debriefing Report in Data Entry Mode. To do so, first open the appropriate case normally. It does not matter if it is locked or unlocked on your tablet. Once the case is open, select Nightly Debriefing Report>Data Entry for Current Case from the Reports Menu.

Two reports will open on your tablet in a split screen. On the top will be a Completed Case Report. On the bottom will be the Nightly Debriefing Data Entry Form. Move through either display by using the scroll bars located on the side. You can also adjust the display size of each report by dragging the blue separator line up or down.

The Nightly Debriefing Report Data Entry Form features a total of nine text fields. The first two are located in Section II: Case History. They require background information about the family’s past issues and needs and information about the services that were provided in the past. The other seven text fields require that you provide a Basis for Rating for each of the individual outcome ratings.You may type information normally into these text fields. You may, however, find it faster and more efficient to use a specialized “copy and paste” function that is built into this report.

To use this function, locate the text in the Completed Case Report (top of screen) that you wish to copy. Then, ensure that the text box where you want to paste the text is displayed in the Nightly Debriefing Report Data Entry Form at the bottom of the screen. Use the mouse to highlight the text that you wish to copy, then drag it down to the text box. When you release the mouse button, the text will now display in the text box and will appear as part of the Nightly Debriefing Report.

Note that you can continue to add text to any text box by repeating these steps as often as necessary. You can, for example, use multiple answers from the Completed Case Report to cobble together a thorough Basis for Rating on the Nightly Debriefing Report.

It is also possible to access other reports while completing the Nightly Debriefing Report Data Entry Form. To do this, select the new report that you wish to open from the Reports Menu. Be sure to select the Current Case option for the report. The new report will open at the top of the screen.

The Nightly Debriefing Data Entry Form will remain open at the bottom of the screen until you use one of the two buttons located below the blue separator line: Close and Save. The Close button will close the bottom (data entry) portion of the screen, so that the Completed Case Report or other report displayed there shows as a full-screen report. From here, click Overview to return to the Overview Screen.

The Save button saves any typing or pasting that you have done to the Nightly Debriefing Report. When you open the report in non-data entry mode, your answers will appear as part of the report. A pop-up window will appear after you click Save to let you know that the save was successful; click OK to close this window and return to the split screen view.

Note that if you click Close before you have saved your work, any information that you typed or pasted into the Nightly Debriefing Data Entry Form will still automatically save to the system.