First-Level QA for Reviewers

Reviewers who are going through the First-Level QA process will use the following steps:

  1. Change the status of the case: Before you can transfer your case to a Local Site Leader to begin First-Level QA, you must change its QA Status to "Ready for QA Review."
  2. Locate a site leader to transfer case: Once the QA Status has been changed, locate the appropriate site leader or his or her designee. The site leader will transfer the case to his or her tablet to conduct First-Level QA.
  3. Case becomes locked: Once the site leader transfers your case to his or her tablet, it will become inactive on your tablet and grayed-out in the Record Summary Grid. You can still navigate the case to access information or to prepare the Nightly Debriefing Report, but you will not be able to edit any information until the site leader returns the case to you.
  4. Receive case from site leader after review: When the site leader has finished conducting QA on the case, he or she will notify you and return the active case to your tablet.
  5. Refresh the Overview Screen: The first thing you’ll want to do when the case is transferred back to your tablet is refresh the Overview Screen. When the case refreshes, you’ll see that it no longer appears as dark gray. This means it’s now unlocked and can be edited normally again. In addition, the case’s QA Status will have been changed to “QA Review Complete.”
  6. Locate stickies: Now you will need to find the comments, or "stickies," left by the site leader. These are the application’s version of the actual sticky notes that were added to the instrument during the first round of reviews, when everything was done in hard copy. The Unresolved Comment Navigator makes this easy by displaying all comments and allowing you to jump immediately to any sticky note.
  7. Address each sticky: As you work through the stickies, be sure to address each problem indicated in the note, making any corrections or additions necessary. If you don't fully understand or agree with the comments in a sticky, be sure to discuss the issue with the site leader.
  8. Respond to each sticky: After you take all necessary steps to address a sticky, be sure to write a response. Your response might be as brief as "done" or "fixed," or, if necessary, it might briefly summarize the actions you took to address the issues raised by the sticky.
  9. Return case to site leader: When you've addressed the issues in every sticky and left a response for each one, you will return the case to the site leader so that he or she can review your changes and comments.
  10. Resolving stickies: Once the site leader is satisfied that the issue has been adequately addressed, he or she will mark the comment as resolved. When a comment is resolved, it disappears from the Unresolved Comment Navigator. If, however, the site leader determines that not all of the comments were appropriately addressed, he or she will return the case to you again. This process may continue, or he or she may discuss the issues with you face to face, until all comments are successfully resolved.

When all stickies are resolved, First-Level QA is complete and the case is ready for Second-Level QA.