Saving and Printing Reports

The application allows you to both save reports as HTML files and print reports for offline use.

To save a report, first open the report. Then, select Save Report as HTML File from the Reports Menu. This will open the Save Web Page window. Navigate to the file location where you want the report to be saved (the default is your USB key), then click the Save button. The report will be saved as an HTML file, which can be opened for viewing in any Web browser.

To print a report, select Print Report from the Reports Menu. This opens the standard Print window. There will be a USB printer located on site; ensure that this printer is connected to your tablet, then select it from the list of available printers. Click the Print button to print the report.

To return to a previously opened record, select Return to Document from the Reports Menu. This loads the data entry form for the case or interview record that was opened prior to loading the report. This function will work only if the report was loaded when a case or interview record was open for editing.