The Local Site Data Transfer Screen

Local site data transfers are executed from the Local Site Data Transfer Screen. From here, Local Site Leaders can transfer OSRI records, SIG records, and the Summary of Findings Form from one or more tablet PCs located at the local site to their own.

The Local Site Data Transfer Screen is accessed by using the Transfer Records option from the Data Management Menu. When a Site Leader selects this option, the tablet verifies that a working network connection exists and then launches this screen. At the top of the screen, beneath the title bar and menu bar, is a green Site Bar. This identifies the current review site. If the network connection is good, the Site Bar will be green. If it is not good, the Site Bar will be red.

The central area of the Local Site Data Transfer Screen displays square tablet icons that represent the tablets currently connected to the network. Each icon appears as a tan or white box. Tan shading indicates OSRI records, while white shading indicates SIG records. Each tablet icon displays the Review Team or Site Leader’s name in the header.

Within each Tablet Icon appear record icons. These are smaller boxes identified by an individual record’s name in the header. The header’s text will be in bold if the record is active on that tablet; it will be grayed out if it is inactive (i.e., if it has already been transferred).

Each record icon is shaded with green, red, or a combination of both colors. The amount of green corresponds to how complete the record is. Red indicates that there are still incomplete items in the record. If you float the cursor over a Record Icon, a pop-up window will display basic record information including a transfer history.

If any tablet has more cases than will fit within its Tablet Icon, a scroll bar will appear on the Tablet Icon’s right-hand side. Use this scroll bar to move up and down through the stored records. If a tablet holds both OSRI and SIG records, its Tablet Icon will be divided in half. OSRIs will appear in the tan area and SIGs will appear in the white.

The bottom area of the Local Site Data Transfer Screen represents the tablet of the Local Site Leader who initiated the data transfer. It is separated from the Central Screen by another green Site Bar. Below the Site Bar are three shaded areas. The tan area on the left is where OSRI records display.

The white area on the right is for SIGs. Below this is a smaller purple area where an icon for the Summary of Findings Form icon will display.

The Site Bar at the bottom of the screen includes a filtering drop-down menu that Local Site Leaders at one of the two metro sites or State Team Leaders can use to select Review Sites. When the filtering menu is used, only Record Icons originating from the currently selected Review Site will display in the Leader’s Tablet Area at the bottom of the screen.

If tablets lose connectivity during a wire transfer, or if new tablets connect to a local wireless network, it may become necessary to refresh the Local Site Data Transfer Screen. Refreshing the screen resets the display and updates each tablet and record icon. To refresh the Local Site Data Transfer Screen, simply select Transfer Records from the Data Management Menu again.