Central Server Data Transfers

Central server data transfers occur between the tablet PC of a Site Leader and the central server, also called the CFSR Data Repository. Central server data transfers are generally initiated as part of the Second-Level QA process, which often involves QA performed by Site Leaders located off site. They are also used to transfer final SIG records to the central server at the end of the review week. They can take place as either record downloads or uploads.

Note that central server data transfers require a working Internet connection. The local wireless network used for Local Site Data Transfers does not provide Internet access. You may have wired or wireless Internet access options available on site, including access to a wireless card that will be provided by JBS. If, for some reason, Internet access is not available at your site, you may have to seek out other options. These options may include your hotel room, local restaurants, coffee houses, libraries, or other public sites.

Note that you most likely will have to manually configure your tablet's Internet connection, especially if you have been performing local site transfers.