Unlock a SIG

Although the SIG does not undergo the same Quality Assurance Review that the OSRI does, SIG records can still undergo data transfers and, as with OSRI cases, become locked to the original Interviewer once a transfer takes place. If a situation arises where one person needs to edit a SIG record while it is locked on his or her tablet, he or she can unlock it for emergency editing. To unlock a SIG, use the following steps:

1) Select Unlock a SIG from the Data Management Menu.

2) The Unlock Record Screen will display. Use the Selected Record drop-down menu to choose the record that you wish to unlock.

3) Click the Unlock Record button.

4) A confirmation window will open warning that unlocking the record can lead to the duplication of files. Click OK to continue.

5) Another window will open confirming that the case has been unlocked. Click OK to continue.

6) Click Overview to return to the Overview Screen. The case will no longer appear as gray in the Record Summary Grid and can be edited normally.

Note that, as with OSRI cases, any changes made to unlocked SIGs will not be seen by the site leader to whom the SIG was transferred until another data transfer takes place.