Unlock a Case

During the Quality Assurance process, OSRI cases that are transferred from a review pair's tablet to a site leader’s tablet become “locked” on the review pair’s tablet until the site leader returns it. Locked cases are highlighted in gray on the Record Summary Grid. They also display a gray background when they are opened. Locked cases cannot be edited or altered.

While transferred cases will appear on the site leader’s tablet as active on the Record Summary Grid, they are actually locked for editing. Site leaders cannot edit any information on an OSRI during quality assurance; rather, they can only add stickies and override item ratings as necessary. In emergencies, though, Local Site Leaders can unlock a case for editing. To unlock a case, use the following steps:

1) Select Unlock a Case from the Data Management Menu.

2) The Unlock Record Screen will open. Use the Selected Record drop-down menu to choose the case that you wish to unlock.

3) Click the Unlock Record button.

4) A confirmation window will open with a warning that unlocking the record can lead to the duplication of files. Click OK to continue.

5) Another window will open confirming that the case has been unlocked. Click OK to continue.

6) Click Overview to return to the Overview Screen. Use the Edit Cases option in the OSRI Menu to access the case and edit its information.

Note that if a site leader edits a case record after unlocking it, the changes he or she makes will never be seen by the review pair, even if the record is uploaded back to the reviewer tablet. Local Site Leaders should use the unlock feature to edit OSRIs only as a last resort, in cases where the review pair has already been dismissed from the local site.