Add New Interview

A SIG record can be created by any site leader to take notes during a stakeholder interview. The basic process for creating a SIG is the same whether you are the "official" or a "supporting" note-taker, although supporting note-takers must remember to identify their record as "supporting" so that they do not get confused with the official record at the end of the review week.

1) From the SIG Menu, select Add New Interview.

2) The Add Interview window will open. Use the drop-down menu beside the Stakeholder field to select the type of stakeholder being interviewed.

3) Enter the stakeholder’s name and title/agency in the appropriate fields.

4) Enter the correct date in the Interview Date field. Note that the default entry is the current day's date.

5) Enter any relevant comments in the Comments field. Note that this step is not required; if there are no comments to enter, you may leave this field blank.

6) Click the Save and Start button to create the SIG. You may also click the Cancel button to exit the Add Interview window without saving the record.

Once you click the Save and Start button, the record will open to the first stakeholder-specific Core Question for the stakeholder you are interviewing.

Secondary Note-Takers

It is important to remember that there can only be one "official" SIG per interview. However, each interview will most likely include a number of different note-takers who will create their own SIGs.  While the information captured by these additional note-takers will eventually be compiled with the official notes to create a final version of the SIG record, it is very important that the SIG records remain distinct from one another. 

For this reason, if you are a supporting note-taker, you should clearly label any SIG you create as such. In the same field where you enter the stakeholder's name, you should identify the record with your own name, the label "supporting notes," and then the stakeholder's name. For example, if your name is John, and you are interviewing Judge Yates, you would identify the SIG as "John's Supporting Notes: Judge Yates." This ensures that the "supporting notes" designation appears on the Overview Screen.

By labeling supporting SIG notes in this fashion, you make it much easier for the site leader who is responsible for uploading all final OSRI and SIG records to the central server at the end of the review week to correctly identify which SIGs are "official" and should be uploaded. If you fail to designate supporting SIGs in this way, the site leader may see several SIG records with identical names on the wireless network and accidentally upload the wrong one.