Completing the SIG

A SIG interview is complete once the Interviewer is satisfied that enough questions have been answered to provide a complete picture of the stakeholder’s responses. While this will often mean that all of the stakeholder-specific questions have been completed, there is no requirement that they all be answered. An Interviewer may also use (or not use) as many of the other, non-stakeholder-specific questions as he or she wants.

The Completeness Column of the Record Summary Grid displays the total percentage of each SIG record that is completed. This percentage is calculated only from the stakeholder-specific questions; non-stakeholder-specific questions do not figure into it. Therefore, a record that is 100 percent complete has had all of its stakeholder-specific questions answered, but may have all, none, or only a few of its non-stakeholder-specific questions answered.

Note that, unlike an OSRI, a SIG record does not have to be 100 percent complete in order to be considered “finished.” Also, unlike an OSRI, the QA Status of a SIG plays no role in its finalization. SIGs do not undergo Quality Assurance like OSRIs do; rather, they are compiled into one "official record" that builds off all of the records created by supporting note-takers, and then the one "official record" is uploaded to the central server at the end of the review week. When this official record is ready, its QA Status should be changed to Interview Record Complete as a signal to the uploading site leader that it is ready.