SIG Layout

All screens in the SIG use the same basic layout. The layout is very similar to that used for the OSRI, but it features a few significant differences.

At the very top of each SIG screen is the blue Title Bar, which names the Interviewer or Interview Team assigned to the record. Below it is the Menu Bar. Below the Menu Bar are the Interviewer and Selected Record fields. The Interviewer field features a drop-down menu that allows you to filter SIG records initiated by other Interviewers that have been transferred to your tablet for review.

To the right of the Interviewer field is the Selected Record field, which displays the name of the currently open SIG. Its drop-down menu displays SIG records on your tablet that belong to the Interviewer shown in the Interviewer field.

To the right of the Selected Record field is the Edit button. Clicking it will open the Add New Interview window, which can be used to edit a record’s identifying information. Below the Selected Record Field and Edit button are the Document Navigation Bars. These bars work similarly to the OSRI’s Document Navigation Bars

Below the Document Navigation Bars is an Item Description for the current item. The Save Bar appears below this. There are two options for saving SIG answers: Save>Next Item and Save. The Save>Next Item option saves all of your answers and moves you forward to the next stakeholder-specific Core Question in the SIG. The Save option saves all of the questions you have answered for the current item to the system and keeps the application on its current screen.

The Question Area of a SIG contains the question’s designation in the upper left corner. Beside that is its status. A question’s status may be Saved, Unsaved, Locked, or Blank.

Saved questions (light blue) have been answered and saved to the database using one of the two Save buttons.

Unsaved questions (yellow) have been at least partially answered or edited but are not yet saved to the database.

Locked questions (dark gray) have been locked by the system and cannot be edited. Questions most typically become locked due to the SIG being transferred to another tablet.

Blank questions (tan) are unanswered.

The color used in each question’s status corresponds to its color in the Questions Overview Bar, which is located to the left of the Questions Area and functions in the same way as it does on the OSRI.