Unanswered Questions Navigator

The Unanswered Questions Navigator allows you to quickly jump to any single question in the automated instrument that has not yet been answered. It is an effective tool to use toward the end of your case review as a way of verifying that you have remembered to answer every question in the instrument. It is also an important part of Preliminary QA.

The Unanswered Questions Navigator is located at the bottom of the screen. To use it, click the down arrow located on the far right. A list will open that shows all of the questions that have not yet been answered for that case. Each question is identified in brackets as being part of the Face Sheet (FS), OSRI, or Rating Documentation (Rating) as well as by its number and letter designation. To jump to one of the questions, simply click it in the list. The application will immediately jump to its screen.

Note that the Unanswered Questions Navigator works best when you have a single case open for editing. While you can use the Unanswered Questions Navigator from the Overview Screen,  the list that displays there will show unanswered questions from every case on your tablet instead of the one case you are probably focusing on. When you have a case open, the Unanswered Questions Navigator will list only the unanswered questions from that case.

Note also that the Unanswered Questions Navigator can be turned off and on through the OSRI Menu.  The default setting is ON. To turn it off, select the Show Unanswered Questions Navigator option from the drop-down list. The orange highlighting around the option will disappear. You can turn on the Uanswered Questions Navigator at any time by re-selecting it from the menu.