Overriding Item Ratings

There are times when a review pair may disagree with the rating that the automated application assigns to an item or outcome. In these cases, the system does allow for any item’s Rating to be overridden and changed. Note that review pairs can only suggest that a Rating be overridden; only Site Leaders can actually perform an override.

If a review pair believes that an item’s rating should be changed, they should indicate this in the Main Reason question on that item’s Rating Documentation Screen. Local Site Leaders will review these answers during First-Level QA and decide whether overriding the item’s rating is justified.

If an override is justifiable, then the Site Leader can use the Override button. The Override button can only be accessed through the Screen View. To override an item’s Rating, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate item. Click the Override button, which is located in the middle of the Save Bar.
  2. The Item Rating Override Window will open. The field at the top of the window displays the item’s current Rating. Beneath that is the Select Override Rating drop-down menu. Use this menu to select the new item rating.
  3. Enter the reason for the item rating override in the text area of the Item Rating Override Window. When you are finished, click the Save and Close button.
  4. The item’s original Calculated Rating will still display in the Save Bar. However, two asterisks (**) will display beside it to indicate that it has been overridden, and if you float the cursor over the rating a pop-up window will display both the new rating and the reason for the override.

You can further edit an item’s rating or the reasons for overriding it by clicking the Override button to reopen the Item Rating Override Window. Repeat the steps described above to make any changes.

Note that you can undo an item rating override by clicking the Undo Existing Override button, which is located beside the Save and Close button. Clicking this button will open a pop-up window asking you to confirm your selection. Click the Yes button to proceed with the undo, or the No button to cancel.

Once an override has been undone, the Item Rating Override Window will close. The item’s Calculated Rating will be returned to what it had been originally, and the asterisks marking the override will no longer be present.