Answering Rating Documentation Questions

The first question on each Rating Documentation Screen is referred to as the Main Reason Statement, and it is where the review pair must provide the main justification for the item’s Calculated Rating. There are certain formatting and content issues that you must keep in mind when composing your Main Reason Statement; see Module 3.3.1: Writing the Main Reason Statement for more information. The same is true for the follow-up questions that come after the Main Reason Statement.

Remember that when you are completing the automated instrument, every question must have an answer. If you answer one of the follow-up questions in the Main Reason Statement, you must enter text in the follow-up question to indicate this. For example, you might type "See Main Reason" or "Answered in Main Reason." If a follow-up question is Not Applicable to the case, then you must type the letters "NA" as an answer. You cannot leave any questions blank.

Also, note that there is no need to complete the Rating Documentation immediately. A review pair may choose to finish the Rating Documentation after they answer all of the OSRI’s questions, or they may complete each item’s Rating Documentation as they complete each item. Work through the instrument in the manner you find most efficient.