OSRI Navigation

Within an individual item, the Questions Overview Bar, which is located in the Question Area, allows you to quickly jump from question to question without having to scroll up and down. Similarly, the application also features tools that enable you to quickly move from item to item. These tools include the Document Navigation Bars and the Navigator Bars.

Document Navigation Bars

The Document Navigation Bars allow for the use of Arrow Navigation to move through the instrument item by item, or Directory Navigation to select an item from a directory tree view of the entire instrument. See the links below for more information about these methods of navigation.

Navigator Bars

There are two Navigator Bars located at the bottom of the screen: the Unanswered Questions Navigator, which lets you quickly access any unanswered question in the entire instrument, and the Unresolved Comment Navigator, which enables review pairs to quickly jump to any stickies that have been placed in the instrument as a result of the Quality Assurance review.