Item Ratings and Rating Documentation

Each OSRI item is rated automatically by the application once all of its questions are answered and its Calculated Rating is shown on the Save Bar. The exception to this is the Face Sheet, which is unrated. There are four possible ratings for each item:

  • Incomplete (questions remain unanswered)
  • NA (Not Applicable)
  • Strength
  • ANI (Area Needing Improvement)

If an item has been overridden, a double asterisk (**) will appear beside the rating. If you float the cursor over the rating, you will be able to view the override.

Once an item has been rated, the reviewer must complete that item’s Rating Documentation. This documentation is entered on the Rating Documentation Screen, which is accessed by clicking the Save>Rating Documentation button on the Save Bar.

The Rating Documentation Screen is laid out in the same format as every other OSRI screen, with two exceptions: the Purpose of Assessment is replaced by the Reason for Rating and the Save>Rating Documentation button is replaced by the Save>Item Questions button. Clicking this button returns you to the regular OSRI screen.