OSRI Screen Layout

All screens in the OSRI use the same basic layout. At the very top of each OSRI screen is the Title Bar. Below it is the Menu Bar. Below the Menu Bar is a display window that shows the current reviewer or Review Team. To the right of it is the Selected Record Field, which displays the name of the currently selected case. The drop-down arrow opens a list of other cases that you can edit. To the right of the Selected Record Field is the Edit button.

Below the Selected Record field and Edit button appear the green Document Navigation Bars. If you are viewing the Face Sheet, there will only be one bar labeled Face Sheet. Everywhere else in the OSRI, three bars will display: one for the current section, one for the current outcome, and one for the current performance item. You can use the Document Navigation Bars to navigate through the instrument using either Arrow Navigation or Directory Navigation.

Below the Document Navigation Bars is the item’s Purpose of Assessment. Below that is the Save Bar and the Question Area. At the bottom of the OSRI screen are two Navigator Bars: the Unanswered Questions Navigator and the Unresolved Comment Navigator. Both can be turned on and off through the OSRI Menu and allow you to quickly access unfinished sections of the OSRI.