Chart Questions

Chart questions require the input of information to a multi-cell chart. You can adjust the width of individual cells in the chart by clicking the cell’s border line in the title bar and dragging sideways. You can also adjust the height of an individual cell by clicking on the left border’s side bar and dragging up or down.

Note that expanding cells may result in the chart becoming too large to fit within the window. In this case, scroll bars will appear at the bottom or right-hand side that enable you to scroll from side to side or up and down as necessary.

Charts also feature arrow controls that allow you to scroll up, down, left, or right. Clicking on an arrow will scroll the chart in that direction.

Note that every time you click the left-hand margin of the bottom row in the chart (which displays with an asterisk beside it), a new row will be automatically created below it. To delete a row from a chart, click one of its cells, then click the Delete Highlighted Row button. You will be prompted to confirm your selection; when you do, the row will disappear along with all of the information entered in it. You can also clear only the cell with which you are currently working by using the Clear Active Cell button. Clicking this button will delete all information in the currently active cell, regardless of the question type (see below), and allow you to start over in your answer.

Types of Chart Questions

There are four types of chart questions: text, menu selection, yes/no, and date. To answer either type, click once in the question's cell. You can move across a row from cell to cell by using the Tab key. The Enter key moves you down to the next row of cells. You can also select any cell in the chart at any time by clicking in it.

Note that the Clear Active Cell button is the only way to delete menu selection, yes/no, and date questions from a chart.