Conducting the Interview

Most stakeholder interviews will last for approximately 1 hour. Following the arrival of the stakeholders, the interviewer will spend a few minutes explaining the purpose of the interview, including information about how the review process works, the timeframe that the review is examining, and the overall purpose of the review. The interviewer will attempt to set a comfortable, non-threatening tone for the interview and will facilitate introductions of everyone involved.

The interview itself will start with whatever core question the interviewer has chosen as a starting point. As the stakeholder responds to the question, the note-takers will take notes on what is said. The interviewer will then determine whether the stakeholder's response warrants any follow-up questions, or whether another core question should be asked. While it is possible that the interviewer will proceed through the SIG consecutively, moving from item to item in numeric sequence, it is more likely that he or she will jump around as the conversation shifts focus. In other words, just because Item 29 follows Item 28 does not mean that the interviewer can't jump ahead to Item 36. For this reason, it is very important that the note-takers are completely familiar with the SIG's content and structure and understand how to move between items quickly and efficiently.

At the conclusion of the interview, the interviewer typically will give stakeholders the opportunity to share any other information that they did not have the opportunity to discuss. The interviewer will then thank the stakeholders for their time and end the interview. At this point, the note-takers will either prepare for the next interview or begin the process of revising their notes and compiling the final record. Issues and themes raised during the interview may also be brought up at that evening's nightly debriefing.