Interview Roles

Basically, an interview consists of three types of participants:

  • The stakeholder being interviewed. In most cases, this will be a group of people.
  • The interviewer.
  • The note-takers. One will be an "official" note-taker, while the others will be supporting note-takers.


State-level stakeholders are interviewed by the NRT Team Leader, while local-level stakeholders are interviewed by the NRT Local Site Leader. This person will lead the interview, asking core questions and follow-up questions of the stakeholder to fully explore the State's systemic factors. To prepare for the interview, the interviewer must be thoroughly familiar with the SIG content and structure. He or she will prepare for each interview before it takes place by setting parameters and guidelines for note-takers, and will provide an overview of the day's interviews at the nightly debriefing.


The interview team's note-takers will consist of Federal and State Local Site Leaders. They share responsibility for capturing all of the information provided by the stakeholder during the interview. As with the interviewer, each note-taker is expected to be thoroughly familiar with the SIG content and structure. During the interview, the note-taker's job is to listen attentively to all questions and answers and record everything accurately without interpretation. They are also expected to revise their notes for clarity as soon as possible after the interview is complete so that they can contribute accurately to the final notes.

Remember that, although there typically will be several note-takers at each interview, there is only one "official" version of each SIG. These official notes must be taken using the automated application, and at the end of the review week they are uploaded to the central server along with all of the site's other records. This upload takes place after the other other note-takers at the interview (considered supporting note-takers) have had the opportunity to provide input on the official notes' content.

While supporting note-takers are encouraged to use the automated application to take their notes, it is not a requirement. Supporting note-takers may, if they wish, use a word processing program to type their notes, or may even choose to take hand-written notes. Keep in mind, though, that supporting note-takers who do use the automated application for note-taking must remember to label their notes as "supporting notes" when they add a new interview. This helps eliminate the possibility of their notes becoming confused with the official notes when it becomes time to upload the SIG to the central server.