Follow-Up Questions

Every item in the OSRI must include a Main Reason statement with its rating documentation. This Main Reason statement is followed by additional exploratory, or follow-up, questions that are intended to help reviewers more thoroughly explore the rationale behind the item's rating. In most cases, these follow-up questions can and should be answered in the Main Reason statement itself. However, you must still enter text for each exploratory question. Otherwise, the automated application will register that you have omitted an answer and your instrument will be considered incomplete.

In these cases, your answers to follow-up questions can be as simple as “See Main Reason” or “NA,” depending on what is appropriate. Remember that you should only use "NA" if the follow-up question is actually not applicable; if you answered it in the Main Reason statement, that means it did apply to the case. If you say you answered it in the Main Reason statement, though, be sure to double-check the Main Reason and verify that the answer is actually there.

Some follow-up questions require that you complete a chart. You must complete these charts on their own; they cannot be answered as part of the Main Reason statement.