QA Status Column

The QA Status column shows the current status of the record. There are seven possibilities
accessible here through a drop-down menu. The first six, Record Created, Ready for QA Review, QA Review Complete, Ready for Debriefing, Ready for State QA Review, and State QA Review Complete, are for OSRI records. The seventh, Interview Record Complete, is used for SIG records.

You can change a record’s QA Status by clicking the down arrow and selecting a new QA Status from the menu. A pop-up window will display confirming that the QA Status change was successful, and the record’s new QA Status will display in the column. Changing a record’s QA Status is an integral part of the overall Quality Assurance process.

Once data transfers begin for a record, if you float the cursor over that record’s QA Status, a pop-up window will open to indicate that record’s transfer history. This is a quick way of viewing how many data transfers that record has undergone.