Record Summary Grid

Most of the Overview Screen is reserved for the Record Summary Grid, which summarizes all of the OSRI and SIG records currently stored on the tablet. The currently selected case will be highlighted in blue.

Each record summary is divided into seven columns, which are labeled in the gray bar at the top of the grid. When the Record Summary Grid displays more than one record, you can sort them by clicking this gray bar. The seven columns of the Record Summary Grid are: ReviewSite, ReviewTeam, Instrument, Record, Completeness, QA Status, and Action.

Information on the first four columns is detailed here. For information on the Completeness, QA Status, and Action columns, click the links below.


This column lists the Review Site to which the record is assigned.


This column lists the Review Team (for OSRI records) or Interviewer (for SIG records) responsible for the record.


This column identifies whether the record is an OSRI or SIG.


This column displays the case name. For OSRI records, bracketed information indicates whether the record is a Foster Care (FC) or In-Home Services (IH) case.