Menu Bar

The light-blue Menu Bar displays immediately below the Title Bar. Like the Title Bar, it displays no matter where you are within the application.

There are seven options available on the Menu Bar, most of them drop-down menus. These options are: Overview, OSRI, SIG, Reports, Data Management, Admin, and Exit. Note that the SIG and Admin menus are not available to Reviewers and will appear grayed-out on the screen.


Clicking Overview will return you immediately to the Overview Screen from anywhere in the application. Be sure to save any work before clicking here.


The OSRI Menu offers five options concerning OSRI records: Edit Cases, Add New Case, Delete Existing Case, Show Comment Navigator, and Show Unanswered Questions Navigator.


The SIG Menu offers five options: Edit Interviews, Add New Interview, Delete Existing Interview, Advanced Navigation Mode, and Show Unanswered Questions Navigator. Note that this menu is not available to Reviewers.


The Reports Menu offers access to the wide variety of reports that the application can generate.
It features numerous submenus from which you can select multiple report formats. You can also print and save reports as HTML files from this menu.

See Module 6.9: Reports for more information about using the Reports Menu.

Data Management

In addition to providing a variety of options for backing up, transfering, and restoring records on the tablet, the Data Management Menu also provides information on the current version of the application.

See Module 6.6.1: Data Management Menu for more information about using the Data Management Menu.


The Admin Menu is not available to Reviewers. It offers functions for site leaders and system administrators to manage the database and USB keys.

See Module 6.6.2: Admin Menu for more information about using the Admin Menu.


Clicking Exit will exit the application and return you to the desktop. You will be asked to confirm this selection. Be sure to save all work before you exit the system.