Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder interviews are conducted by a lead interviewer who moves through a series of stakeholder-specific core questions and follow-up questions that explore a State's systemic factors. The stakeholders interviewed may be State- or local-level stakeholders. There will also be an official note-taker and one or more supporting note-takers who take notes during the interview. The four roles in each stakeholder interview, then, are interviewer, stakeholder, official note-taker, and supporting note-taker.

Before each interview, the interview team of interviewer and note-takers will meet to prepare. Following the interview, the supporting note-takers will revise and clarify their notes and then collaborate with the official note-taker to produce a final set of clean and complete notes. These final notes are then transferred to the central server along with all the other SIG and OSRI records at the end of the review week, and they serve as an integral component of the review's Final Report. Key ideas and themes raised during each day's interviews are also shared at each evening's nightly debriefing.