SIG Content and Structure

The complete Stakeholder Interview Guide consists of 46 different items. It picks up where the OSRI leaves off, with item 24, and through item 45 it covers seven systemic factors. Each of these systemic factors consists of one or more item that has a core question and multiple follow-up questions to which stakeholders respond during an interview. The 46th item is for State-specific issues. After item 46, the SIG returns to item 1 to begin addressing the outcomes of safety, permanency, and well-being that are explored in the OSRI.

Note that there are slight differences between the paper version of the SIG and the automated SIG that is used on site. The paper instrument begins with specific instructions on page 2. These instructions include a section entitled “How to Use the Questions” on page 3. Because none of these instructions are included in the automated instrument, you should make a point of reading over at least this much of the paper instrument before you arrive for the review week

Following the instructions in the paper instrument is a chart for recording a stakeholder’s name, date of the interview, and other identifying information. There is also a Supplementary Page to be used when extra space is needed for recording purposes. These pages are also not represented in the automated instrument, because the information you would enter on them is captured when you create a new SIG.

As mentioned above, the SIG begins with item 24. Included with the item is a brief synopsis detailing the item's purpose and a list of stakeholders considered appropriate to the item. The core question and follow-up questions come next, along with a space for explanatory comments. This approach is consistent throughout the rest of the paper instrument. In the automated version, though, the core question, follow-up questions, and explanatory comments are all addressed in the same space.