Second-Level QA

Second-Level QA, sometimes referred to as State-Level QA, is the final local case-level QA conducted on an individual case. It is conducted by site leaders who have a great deal of CFSR and child welfare-related experience and are approved to conduct Second-Level QA by the Children's Bureau. These site leaders may be located on or off site. If the site leader is located on site, then the review pair may work directly with him or her during Second-Level QA in a process identical to that used during First-Level QA. If the site leader is off site, the overall process remains the same, but the case must first be transfered to an onsite site leader's tablet before it can be moved to the offsite leader.

To conduct Second-Level QA, site leaders conduct a final review of cases (following the steps outlined in Preliminary QA and First-Level QA) to ensure that data collected are clean, complete, and consistent. In addition, they place special emphasis on consistency across cases in the site and State-specific issues that may arise. If they discover issues that may impact all sites, they will communicate with the NRT Local Site Leader so that he or she can discuss such issues with other NRT Site Leaders in order to ensure consistency throughout the State.

During Second-Level QA, the site leader may add additional stickies to the case, which will require that reviewers go through the same process as in First-Level QA to find and address the stickies. Once all stickies from First and Second-Level QA are resolved, the case is considered to be finalized and ready for Local Site Finalization.