Preliminary QA

Before transferring an OSRI to a designated Local Site Leader for First-Level QA, reviewers should conduct Preliminary QA to make sure the case is complete and accurate. Preliminary QA consists of the following processes:

Review the OSRI. Review instructions and definitions and carefully re-read the Main Reason statements and follow-up questions to ensure that all documentation requested is addressed appropriately. Use the OSRI Quality Assurance Guide and the Combined QA Tip Sheet to ensure that you have responded to item questions appropriately and have correctly documented item ratings.

Review the Completeness Column. Check the Completeness column on the Overview Screen of the automated application. The Face Sheet, OSRI, Documentation, and Items Rated should indicate that all items are 100 percent complete.

Check the Unanswered Questions Navigator: The Unanswered Questions Navigator on the bottom left corner will display all the unanswered item and rating documentation questions. If the case is complete, no items should appear.

Examine the tablet reports: The automated application features various reports that allow you to review the entire instrument for clean and complete data as one continuous document, rather than going screen by screen. These include the Completed Case Report, the Preliminary Case Summary Report, and the Case QA Rating Summary Report.

Once you’ve verified that the instrument is complete and using the methods above, you must complete the Case Finalization Checklist and turn it in to the onsite JBS representative. At this point, Preliminary QA is complete and you are ready to proceed to First-Level QA.