The automated application allows both reviewers and Site Leaders to generate a wide variety of reports that compile and organize data collected during the onsite review. These reports are accessible through the Report Menu, which also allows for the saving and printing of any report.

Note that reports may be generated for any record that currently exists on your tablet, whether that record is locked or unlocked. This means that, after the QA process has begun, review pairs can generate reports even after an OSRI record has been transferred to a Site Leader's tablet. Similarly, Site Leaders will be able to generate site- or review-based reports for any case record they have ever transferred to their tablet, whether or not that record has been returned to its original review pair.

Reports will be automatically updated to reflect the most current information anytime a case record is transferred again. Revised data will be included when a new report is generated. Reports can be generated for any record stored on your tablet PC, regardless of whether that record is locked or unlocked.