Data Transfers

Where the application is concerned, a "data transfer" refers to the act of moving OSRI or SIG records from one tablet PC to another. During the first part of the review week, most of these will be local site data transfers related to First-Level QA. These local site data transfers involve moving records from one or more tablet PCs to another. Most often, this will be from a review pair or pairs' tablet to a Site Leader's tablet. Later, during Second-Level QA and Local Site Finalization, the data transfers take place between the local site and an off-site central server, which is where the CFSR Data Repository that ultimately stores all four sites' records is located. During these processes, records move from one Site Leader's tablet to the central server.

Regardless of whether they are between two tablets at the local site or the local site and central server, data transfers use the Data Transfer Screen to transfer records. There are slight differences between the appearance of the Local Site and Central Server Data Transfer screens, but the basic functionality of both are identical. Both screens involve transferring records as either downloads or uploads.

Data transfers can only be initiated by Site Leaders. Reviewers cannot initiate data transfers.

Also, after a record is transferred, it becomes inactive (locked) on its original location and active on its new location. An inactive record is highlighted in dark gray on the Record Summary Grid. If it is opened, it displays with a dark gray background and cannot be edited. For an inactive record to become active again, it must be transferred back from its new location. In emergency situations, a Site Leader can unlock an OSRI or SIG record.