The Automated Stakeholder Interview Guide

As with the OSRI, the automated application also provides an electronic version of the Stakeholder Interview Guide, or SIG. This is the instrument used to capture information during stakeholder interviews, which are conducted by Local Site and Team Leaders alongside the review week's case reviews. The purpose of the SIG is to collect information for evaluating and rating the outcomes and systemic factors that are examined during the review process.

While there are some minor differences between the content and structure of the paper SIG and the automated version, the automated SIGĀ is, functionally, very similar to the automated OSRI. The main differences between the two automated instruments involve the creation of the individual SIG case and case navigation. SIG records also differ from OSRI cases in that the QA Status of a SIG record only has one change: from Record Created to Interview Record Complete. Finally, SIG records do not undergo the same sort of Quality Assurance Review as do OSRI cases.