The Automated Onsite Review Instrument

The Automated Onsite Review Instrument is the electronic version of the OSRI. It has the same overall structure as the paper instrument but differs in a few specific areas. It does not, for example, re-create the "General Instructions" page that begins the paper instrument, and in a few instances the automated application sub-divides item questions differently from those that are listed in the paper instrument. A few of the charts, most notably Chart F on the Face Sheet, are also formatted differently in the automated instrument from those in the paper version.

By and large, though, the structure of the automated instrument exactly follows that of the paper instrument. This includes listing each item's Purpose of Assessment and question instructions as well as its Rating Documentation and follow-up questions

One notable difference between the automated instrument and its paper version is how Outcome Ratings are handled. In the paper instrument, each Outcome Rating has a separate page that must be manually answered by the reviewer. In the automated instrument, Outcome Ratings are generated automatically once the Outcome's various items have all been rated, and there is no separate Outcome Rating page. To view an Outcome Rating, you must use the Preliminary Case Summary Report