Getting Started

To begin using the tablet PC, locate the sliding latch on the right side of the screen’s front edge. When you slide this latch to the right, you will be able to lift the screen and open the tablet PC. You will notice a red nub located in the center of the keyboard, directly above the 'B' key. This is the tablet PC's built-in mouse, which you can control with your index finger. The two red-lined tabs below the keyboard are the left- and right-click buttons.

Some people are uncomfortable using the red nub as their mouse. You will be provided a mini-USB mouse on site, which you can use by inserting the USB plug into one of the two USB ports on the tablet PC. There is one USB port on either side of the computer; it does not matter which one you plug the mouse into. The mouse is plug-and-play, which means that it will work automatically once you plug it in.

To turn on the tablet PC, you can use either of its two power buttons.  Each power button is an oval-shaped button with a white dot in the center. One is located directly above the keyboard, in the center of the panel. The other is located directly beneath the screen, on the left-hand side.

Once the tablet PC has powered on, you will be at the Network Logon screen. This is the first level of system security. Click System Security for more information.