Case-Related Interviews

An important part of the case review process involves review pairs conducting case-related interviews with key individuals who are involved in the case. These interviews are not conducted as "customer satisfaction surveys," but rather serve as an opportunity to confirm case record documentation or collect information that might be missing from the record. 

One of the early lessons many child welfare workers learned in relation to maintaining case files is this one: “If it isn’t written down in the case file, it didn’t happen.” In the CFSR process, though, that motto should actually be: “If it isn’t written down in the case record, it still might have happened.” It becomes the reviewers’ responsibility to ask the right questions of persons important to the case to determine whether or not it really did happen.

Thus, interview information “weighs” just as heavily as information obtained from the case file documentation. Sometimes, information obtained during an interview may conflict with the documentation contained within the case record or obtained from another interview. In these cases, you and your partner have a responsibility to pursue the issue across multiple interviews until you can determine the most accurate response to the relevant questions. The case-related interviews are critical to gathering all the information needed to correctly complete the OSRI.