The Face Sheet

The Face Sheet is the first part of the OSRI. It is used to document general information about the case, such as the case type, the names of the children, the target child, the date the case was opened, and so on. It must be completed regardless of whether the case is a foster care or in-home services case.

The Face Sheet is one of the only parts of the instrument where full proper names can be used. Items 1 and 12 also have questions that require the input of a child's name, but in both of those cases only the child’s first name should be used. No surnames should ever appear anywhere in the instrument except on the Face Sheet, and for the remainder of the instrument (excepting Items 1 and 12) all proper names should be replaced with titles. Examples include "biological mother," "target child," "caseworker," "adoption agency," and so on.

Note that, unlike the items that make up the bulk of the instrument, there is no Rating Documentation attached to the Face Sheet. The Face Sheet itself is not a rated item, and as such should not really be considered as an “item” in the instrument at all.

Note also that there are a few differences between the paper and automated versions of the Face Sheet. Questions A through E, for example, exist only on the paper version. The chart in the electronic version of Question F has more columns than the paper copy does, and there are also follow-up questions in the electronic version (Questions K1, L1, M1, and M2) that do not exist in the paper version.