Friday Statewide Exit Conference

After the local site exit conference on Thursday, reviewers are dismissed to return home while Site Leaders travel to the location designated for the statewide debriefing and exit conference. These events begin on Friday morning, when the remaining review team comes together for the final statewide debriefing facilitated by the NRT Team Leader. By this time, all the finalized instruments and reports from the local sites will have been uploaded to the central server, and the preliminary data and findings from the three review sites will have been reviewed and discussed by the NRT Local Site Leaders for inclusion in the statewide exit conference presentation, which normally takes place in the afternoon.

At the exit conference, the NRT Team Leader delivers a presentation on the review findings for the State, using a PowerPoint presentation. There will be discussion at the conference of issues that may require resolution during the Final Report development process and a brief overview of the next steps in the review process. These steps include the preparation and submission to the State of the Final Report and the development and monitoring of a Program Improvement Plan.

Once the statewide exit conference concludes, the review week comes to an official close.