Nightly Debriefings

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening of the review week, the NRT Local Site Leader will convene a nightly debriefing meeting for the entire local site. The purpose of the nightly debriefing is to go over the day’s activities and to provide a forum that allows each review pair to present a brief, 10-minute summary of the case they completed that day. This summary helps the review team begin to identify themes and trends across the site and also helps Local Site Leaders ensure consistency in outcome ratings among reviewers.

In preparing these case summaries, reviewers should keep in mind that, in addition to having a strict 10-minute time limit, the summary itself should emphasize outcomes, not items. To assist themselves in preparing this summary, reviewers should use the automated Nightly Debriefing Report. When this report is first opened, the automated application will have already filled in some of the general information. However, reviewers will need to complete the remaining information, including details about the case history and ratings. When you are working on summarizing the case ratings, remember that you are synthesizing information from the 23 item ratings to explain the 7 outcome ratings. For example, when considering Safety Outcome 1, this statement:

Safety Outcome 1 was rated as Substantially Achieved because, during the period under review, all accepted reports were responded to in a timely manner (as documented through item 1) and there was no repeat maltreatment (as documented through item 2)

is better than this statement:

The outcome was rated as Substantially Achieved because both items 1 and 2 were rated as strengths.

The second example does not provide enough information about the ratings, while the first provides important details about the specific factors that contributed toward Outcome 1 being rated as Substantially Achieved.

Remember that, for reviewers, the point of the nightly debriefing is to present relevant information about completed cases as concisely as possible and ensure that outcome ratings are consistent across the local site. The purpose of the debriefings is not to educate other team members about all the details of a case or to critique the State’s policies or practices. Rather, you should focus on your findings regarding the actions taken by the State during the period under review. 

In addition to the case summaries, Local Site Leaders who have participated in stakeholder interviews will use the nightly debriefings to briefly summarize the interviews and address the systemic factors that were explored. Again, this allows the review team to begin to identify systemic themes. The entire team will also use each night's meeting to identify problems or concerns regarding schedules, logistical arrangements, instruments, the automation, or any other issues that may have come up over the day.